File Under Pop is directed by Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer.

Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer is the sole founder, and for 14 years, the creative director of Made a Mano. She now flies solo again with File Under Pop with a new studio workshop and showroom in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The vision of File Under Pop is to transform rooms fundamentally by clothing the surfaces. Unique hand crafted ceramic terra-cotta tiles, lavastone, wallpaper and paint are designed for walls, floors and ceilings.


Lavastone is extracted from the active volcano Mount Etna on Sicilly at a depth of 20-30 metres where the stone has been compacted for 2-3000 years. The lavastone is then glazed and decorated by hand and is transformed to ceramic by hours of oven-firing.

Clay comes from a family owned production an hour’s drive from Valencia, where File Under Pop’s tiles are crafted.

All tiles are worked entirely by hand. Silkscreening or hand printing technique are used to create patterns and motifs.

File Under Pop has it’s own production of wallpaper in Copenhagen. Paint is used together with copper- , silver-, white gold- and 23 carat gold leaf. File Under Pop uses wallpaper to stand out in a room in a completely new way. The company offers a system of steel framing and stucco moulding, whereby it is possible to hang the wallpaper without pasting it on to the wall. The idea is that the wallpaper does not necessarily cover the whole surface area of a wall. A single sheet is 100x180cm, and alone, one piece can lend a room unique character and personality.

Paint is created in collaboration with Jotun Denmark – a leading Norwegian producer of quality decorator’s paint for more than 85 years.




Stone masonry scenery

With extreme high pressure of water the lava stone blocks are cut into slabs, tops or tiles before processing them or transforming them into ceramics

Blocks of lava stone to be cut into slabs

Stone, water and iron

Flakes of sewed lava stone

Carving the lava stone with a diamond blade

Slabs of stone to be cut into tiles

Man and machinery

Man at work

Stone carving tool and powder of lava


Colors used for decoration

Stencil for hand printing

Hand printing technique means applying the color with the help of a brush and a stencil

Tiles printed by hand