Paint Color

A choice of 48 colors created in collaboration with Jotun Denmark

This matt paint for walls is distinguised by being washable containing only 1 % gloss.

The waterborne oil paint for wooden floors, panels and windows contains only 5 % gloss.


Interior walls and ceilings with 1 % Gloss


Interior wet rooms with 10 % Gloss


Interior wood and metal 5 %, 15 %, 40 % and 80 % Gloss


Interior wooden floors 5% and 40 % Gloss



Super glossy
Paint for exposed surfaces
Paint for wet rooms


1 Liter (min. 0,68L) cover approximately 4 sqm

3 Liter (min. 2,7L) cover approximately 12 sqm

5 Liter (min. 4,5L) cover approximately 20 sqm

10 Liter (min. 9L) cover approximately 40 sqm

The coverage is based on two coats of paint.
Please consider that you need two coats of paint in generel.

Paint Green Earrings
Paint Old Yellow Brick
Paint Purple Stain
Paint Weasel And The White Boys Cool
Paint Yellow Raincoat
Paint Blue Jean
Paint One Mint Julep
Paint Sahara Sand
Paint Purple Haze
Paint Pink Champagne
Paint Raspberry Beret
Paint Green Bananas
Paint Blueberry Hill
Paint Pink Moon
Paint Yellow Submarine
Paint Son Of Mr Green Genes
Paint Nights in White Satin
Paint Red Mosquito
Paint Black Orchid
Paint All Cats are Grey
Paint Little Beige Sambo
Paint Moss Garden
Paint Tangled Up In Blue
Paint Maxwells Silver Hammer
Paint Turbulent Indigo
Paint White Rabbit
Paint Scarlet
Paint Two Grey Rooms
Paint Grey Cloudy Lies
Paint Grass Ain't Greener
Paint Black Swan
Paint Meg White
Paint Blue Smoke
Paint Blue In Green
Paint Touch Of Grey
Paint Velvet Green
Paint Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
Paint Pale Blue Eyes
Paint Yellow And Rose
Paint Brown Eyed Girls
Paint Azure
Paint Mellow Yellow
Paint Green Green Grass Of Home
Paint Pearl (Not produced by Jotun)
Paint Orange Crush
Paint La Vie En Rose
Paint Cream
Paint Pink Lipstick
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