Board as an object

Lavastone board as an object withstanding heat, oil, wax and acid. Each piece is crafted by hand. All glazes are applied with brush. Depending on the complexity of the pattern, stencils or silk screens are used in the print making.









Various motifs from the Edo, Edo raw, Ewe, Ewe raw, Bloom and Bloom raw ranges.

Various colors from the Pop solid color range.


The surface can appear either matt or shiny depending on the glaze and/or the motif.

Rombo Dark Blue In Green Shiny 15x26 cm
Rombo Dark Green Kerosene Shiny 15x26 cm
Rombo Don't Eat The Yellow Snow Shiny 15x26 cm
Rombo Olive Shiny Crystal 15x26 cm
Rombo Touch Of Grey Shiny Crystal 15x26 cm
Rombo Pink Champagne Shiny 15x26 cm
Rombo Yellow Submarine Shiny Crystal 15x26 cm
Rombo Sahara Sands Shiny Crystal 15x26 cm
Rombo Coral Red Shiny Crystal 15x26 cm
Gradient Black to Silver 15x30 cm
Edo Cross Stitch 20x30 cm Black Swan with White Rabbit
Edo Rombo Ø30 (Black)
PSC./ Deep Green Shiny Crystal 15x30 cm
PSC./ Orange Crush Shiny Crystal 20x30 cm
Edo Birds Raw 20x30 (Black)
Edo Decorated Clouds Raw 20x30 cm (Greyish White)
Edo-Swallows 20x30 cm Blue In Green Shiny with Deco Dark Green Kerosene Shiny
Edo Cross Stitch Blue Smoke on Blue Smoke 20x30 cm
Edo Art Deco Raw Ø30 (beige)
Edo Art Deco 20x30 (Blue In Green / Olive)
Edo Decorated Clouds Raw 30x30cm (Beige)
Ewe Triangle Ø30 (Brown / Beige)
Edo Decorated Clouds RawØ30 (Beige)
Edo Clouds 20x30 (Green Gray Shiny / Light Green Kerosene)
Ewe Shield Raw 20x30 (white)
Edo Art Deco Raw 20x30 (beige)
Edo Rain Raw 20x30 (beige)
Edo Rombo 20x30 (Black)
Coral Red Ø30
Edo Art Deco Ø30
Yellow Submarine 20x30
Coral Red 20x30
Edo Birds 15x30 (Sea Foam / Reddish Orcher)
Tangled Up In Blue 15x30
Dark Pink Champagne 15x30
Black Swan 15x30
Green Kerosene 15x30
Blue Smoke 15x30
Lime 15x30
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